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How To Corrupt A Google Docs

As more and more classrooms transition to the online/virtual schooling format a similar rise in the usage of virtual ‘classrooms’ and documents has occurred. No service has risen as much as google drive/ google docs. Nowadays every single student in the world has at one point or another used a google service in the context of their schooling. Its almost inevitable during a students career that they will be asked to submit a document via google docs or google drive.

Things happen in life and sometimes you just have a bad couple of days. School Solver was started on the premise to help students learn and help them through the bad days. Sometimes though that is not enough and you just need more time for your assignment. You can try asking your professor or boss for extra time. But in this cut throat world you might need some extra help.

There are sites on the internet such as Corrupt A File that help students or work professionals upload a document (or really anything) . You simply upload the assignment, the website corrupts the document and then you download it. You then send it to whomever and after a couple hours or days they will say “Hey the file isnt working” thus earning yourself extra time for whatever you are working on.

This becomes a little bit more tricky though if your in a situation where your environment uses google drive or google documents. If you google “How to corrupt a file with google docs” Or “how to corrupt a file on google docs reddit” unfortunately you won’t find many good answers. So we’ve included below our guide on how to corrupt a file that is on your google drive or docs.

First step is to get the document off of google docs. To do that open up your document, click file -> Download -> then click on the format you want (likely word)

Now that it is downloaded go to corruptmyfile.com

Once you’ve gone there click right here

and it will let you upload the file now

Wait for it to finish uploading and once it has you will see this pop up

Click the button to download the file

And now you are done! You have successfully corrupted a file and now can send it to your teacher, boss, professor, work to get some extra time.

Some common questions people have:
1 ) Can you also corrupt an entire google drive? Unfortunately at this time you can not!

2 ) How to add a file from google docs app on your phone? You’d have to download the document using whatever sort of files app you have on your phone and then navigate to the site on your phone, click on the upload area and then upload the document
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