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General Questions

  • This site connects people who need help with their assignments and assignment solvers. You simply post your question and multiple tutors will post their step by step explanations to your question. You can then purchase which ever answer that fits within your budget. Think of it as the 'Ebay' of homework or a premium version of Yahoo Answers.
  • It's entirely up to you! When asking a question simply assign how much you are willing to pay. If you find that your not receiving help, it is most likely because your are offering too little for a difficult question.
  • We charge no fee's for depositing money into your account, asking or answering a question or even buying answers. We only charge a 20% commission on every answer bought and a 2% withdrawal fee for withdrawing money from your account. So for instance, if you post an answer for 20$ you would receive 16$ if someone bought it.
  • A user's feedback score is from 1 to 5 stars and is based off of how other users rate their answers. More weight is given to questions with larger prices.
  • First of all School Solver does not share your information with anybody, not even to our advertisers! On top of that, when asking your question you have the option of making your question private so no search engine or outside visitor can view your question. If you still want more security you have the option of deleting your question and any associated answers any time you want.
  • We do not support cheating or plagiarism. School Solver is a tutoring platform to provide step by step explanations and help to users who need help. Posting solutions that are plagiarized, without context, help, or just straight answers will not be tolerated.

Asking Questions

Buying Answers

  • Simply go find where you asked the question or your question of interest and scroll down to find the answer.
  • The simplest way is to just look at the profile of the answer author. Make sure they have a good rating and check their recent feedback to make sure no one has left any bad feedback. You can also preview the answer to make sure the length of the answer is what you would expect the answer length to be.
  • If you buy an answer that is incomplete or incorrect you can let us know that you are not satisifed on the page of your purchased answer within 36 hours of purchase. You simply let us know what's wrong and we'll look into it! If we can't resolve the problem we guarantee a full refund!
  • The first step is to either notify us on the page of the purchased answer or to contact the answer author to see if he can fix whatever concerns you may have. School Solver is only a platform for students and tutors and does not provide answers itself but only guarantees that the question has been answered to the fullest in a reasonable manner. For instance if you purchase an answer that actually contains no relevant information, is incomplete, or fails to provide an actual answer, the answer author will be notified and have a chance to fix their mistake within a reasonable amount of time. If they fail to do so, a full payment will be refunded to your account guaranteed!

Answering Questions

  • Before posting an answer, try communicating with the questioner. Send them a message verifying they still need help or if you need any clarifications with an answer.
  • Nope! After you post an answer, the only way someone can see exactly what you posted, is by buying it. If your answer is more than a certain amount of characters, others will be able to preview your answer but this won't show them any specific details that give away your answer.
  • If a buyer claims an answer is not good they will most likely contact you first to express his concerns and it is in your best interests to appease his concerns. If however the purchaser notifies us that the answer is not good we will look into their concerns and determine if there is any basis. If we determine that in fact the buyer is correct and the answer is incomplete or sloppy we will notify you of our decision and a predefined amount of time that you will have to correct the answer. Failure to do so within that time will result in the buyer being refunded his money from your balance.
  • When you answer a question it gets submitted into the databases of the top search engines so that whenever somebody asks a similar question into Google or Bing they will see your answer. This results in thousands of people getting access to your answer so imagine answering a question for 5$ and then overtime receiving 500$ because many people had a similar question and they wanted an answer. If you had contacted the questioner privately and answered his question, the most you would have received is what he paid you, but with School Solver answering a question once can lead to getting paid multiple times. Now imagine how happy you would be if you received 500$ for one question answered instead of just 15$.
  • When you find a question worth answering, add your answer to the question. This will notify the question author and to access your answer they will have to buy it. Once they have, you will receive money in your School Solver account. To withdraw money from your account, payments are done via Paypal and other supported methods and can be requested in your account page.
  • Normal withdrawals take 21 days to process. Expedited options can be unlocked by answering more questions.
  • Go to your account, click on the 'My Transactions' button next to withdrawals and you can click on the blue refund button for the transaction you want to reverse. The money will then be removed from your account and go back into the other users School Solver account balance.
  • Urgent questions are questions where you get to receive 90% of the profits (its normally 80%) if you you can answer the question or provide a prepayment agreement within 30 minutes of the question being asked.
  • After someone buys your answer they can rate it by going to the answer and clicking the appropriate number of stars.
  • If you have any issues your first step should always be to contact us! We'll be able to process any refunds, issues, etc faster than your bank, paypal, or credit card provider! If we can't resolve your issue on a timely basis then we can go ahead and contact the appropriate provider


  • When asking a question you can elect to accept a prepayment agreement when a tutor offers one. Essentially what this means is that you agree to pay a certain amount of money up front, the tutor will agree to post their answer before the due date, and you agree to buy it when its posted. You can view any prepayment agreements that are being offered on your question on the question page.
  • That's because we take prepayment agreements very seriously and we don't allow just anybody to make them. Once you've answered a question or two and your answers have been bought then you can start to make prepayments.