SPSS Software Lab 2 Assignment


Need help with my lab assignment I attached the instructions below.

 Due by midnight.


SPSS Lab 2 Guidelines:

Using the three variables you selected in Module 2 Lab 1, build a series of graphs and tables in SPSS.

You should provide one graph and one table for each variable, making sure to use the appropriate type of graph depending on the type of variable you selected. See Table 6.1 and 6.2 in your text to help you decide which graphs to use for different levels of measurements.

Make sure to number each and give them all a headline.

Below each variable with its table and chart, write a paragraph, about 7 or 8 lines, describing the information the graph and table contain. Use Writing Box 6.1 in your textbook as a guide.

Include an explanation of why you chose each type of graph, for all three.

What to include in Lab 2:

  • Variable name x 3
  • Headline for each variable.
  • Insert Graph for each variable.
  • Insert Table for each variable.
  • Paragraph for each variable.
  • Why you chose this type of graph for the variable for each variable.

Submit your table and paper in the Assignment Folder no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT (This is Assignment Folder is linked to Turnitin).

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