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Surrounded by my people, well, our people, then moved to an environment where I felt like an imposter. Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago, one of the most segregated cities and also one of the biggest cities in the United States. On the northside of Chicago, the majority of people are Caucasian.. The West and South side mainly consists of blacks and latinos. The west and south sides of Chicago are also extremely dangerous. Kids are killed just for walking to school, therefore families often move their kids to schools on the northside outside of their neighborhood. When I was in fifth grade, my mom moved me out of the school I had been attending since kindergarten.  My mother decided to transfer us to a school on the north side due to the violence in the school and the lack of a significant education. At this new school, I faced major racial and educational challenges.  Therefore I learned to be resilient – which will help me be successful in my transition to college. 

Now I'm the imposter, on the west side and south sides if you see a white person we automatically think that they are lost. Now attending this new school  where I'm the only black kid I felt as if the students and teachers were looking at me as if I was lost. Now I'm in an environment where the rules and expectations were different. At the new school if I were to have a bad day I would be isolated, looked upon as a threat. But if white student had a bad day, it was just lil johnny bad day. My former school wasn't like, if me or any other students had a bad day we just had a bad day. No student would be isolated in fear of “ safety for other students”. One of the reasons I felt as if I was an imposter was because for a lot of students, I was the first black person they had met. Some were afraid to approach me, which was why it was hard making friends. Lastly, having different textures of hair was a big deal as a black kid at the time I was trying to get waves. Therefore, in the process of getting waves you have to always brush your hair and the white students would say “ Brandon what are you, brushing nothing there”. At the time they thought it was funny, but I didn't. I would get angry because they don't understand black hair and the process of trying to get waves. All and all, I learned no matter what others say, think or feel about me I have to make sure at all times that I am being the best version of me. So although I begged my mom to transfer me out of that school I'm glad she didn't because after getting over being the new kid, I found me forever friends that have been there for me through thick and thin and I would do the same for them.

The transition challenge educationally, not being able to trust my teachers because I felt they were looking down upon me was a really big issue. My first bully at the new school was a teacher. She would scream in my face, put me on blast in front of the entire classroom and yell at me to leave her class if I put too much glue on a paper. Feeling like the teachers hating me obviously did not motivate me educationally, I was made to feel defeated. The new school was a better school system therefore the materials that were being taught I had no clue on what they were due to lack of significant education at my former school. In addition, I didn't understand the materials and hated asking for help because I felt as if I would be looked down upon. That did nothing but negatively impact my education. So although I felt as if questions made me look weak and stupid I had to learn how to advocate for myself and put my pride aside, so I started asking my peers and teachers for help which ended up positively impacting my education. Which is why I use the word resilient because although facing major hardship I was able to get back up after feeling defeated, I learned that having trusted teachers and peers  that I know wouldn't judge could do nothing but impact my education positively. 

  All and all colleges should choose me because  in my life I have faced  multiple challenges and setbacks but was able to learn from them and not let them hold me back from being my best successful self. I learned from every fall I have taken and will continue to learn after failing because you only fail when you give up, so I'm going to make it my life’s journey to never give up and that's why colleges should choose me. 

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