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Objective: Assume the Role of a Juvenile Court Judge.

You are a juvenile court judge who has adjudicated a 14-year- old juvenile for committing a burglary. He broke into a convenience store when it was closed and stole two cases of beer and five cartons of cigarettes. You have ordered that a predisposition report be completed. Once completed, the report contains the following information.  A.)    The juvenile has one prior adjudication for auto theft. For this offense, the juvenile was placed on probation for one year and successfully completed the probationary term. B.)    The juvenile lives with both parents. The juvenile’s father is currently employed as a bookkeeper while the mother is currently unemployed. C.)    The juvenile reported to have used alcohol and marijuana in the past. The juvenile has admitted to consuming about five alcoholic drinks a week and has used marijuana about once a week for the past year. D.)    The juvenile has failed one school grade and currently averages a “C” on his report card. The juvenile rarely misses school. E.)    Most of the juvenile’s friends have been involved in delinquent activity in the past. In fact, his best friend has two prior adjudications for auto theft.

You will take what you learned from the reading assignment and create a well written essay highlighting the information listed below. 

To achieve maximum points for content analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed: 

How do you dispose of this case?

  • Do you sentence the juvenile to probation, to an institution, or something else? What factors impacted your decision?
  • Write a 2 page essay.
  • Provide at least one scholarly source. If you cite a dictionary, it will be in addition to the required three sources.
  • Dictionaries and non-peer-reviewed sites such as Wikipedia are not considered scholarly.
  • Use the rubric provided to ensure you have met all the criteria. 
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