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Obesity is a world-wide problem that is becoming more prevalent with the passage of time. According to the World Health Organization, 600 million people worldwide are obese and 1.9 billion are overweight, including 42 million children under age 5.

  • In an assignment entry of one page or more, please address the following questions:
    • Discuss the health risks of obesity.
    • Do you feel social class and/or culture contribute to obesity? Please discuss.
    • Analyze a BMI chart based on your height and weight and mentally note your BMI and its obesity category. (Note: You do not have to discuss the results of the analysis unless you want to.)
    • Do you feel the information you received from the BMI chart is valid? Please discuss.

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.

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