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Health promotion emphasizes good health and wellness habits. This can be quite a wonderful achievement for individuals, as it can increase the likelihood of a lifetime of enhanced health and a body that functions better overall.
Often, good health habits are taught to us as children. Some examples of these habits are getting enough sleep at night, brushing your teeth every day, eating a breakfast every day, getting exercise, and not eating so much junk food.  The earlier good behaviors are established, the greater the chances these good habits will be consistently performed throughout life.

  • Engage in a discussion considering the following points:
    • In two to three paragraphs, discuss two health habits that you have developed through the years. The two habits can be both good habits, both poor habits, or a combination of good and bad.
    • What factors and influences caused you to develop these habits?
    • Are there any barriers to modifying poor health habits?  Please discuss.
    • What can you personally do to improve your good health habits? 
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