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The relationship between moral development and delinquency focuses on cognitive development. Cognitive development theory assumes that individuals develop in a sequential manner; that is, a person passes through one step in development, another step, and so on. In Chapter four of your textbook, “Kohlberg stated that there are six stages of moral development. Most delinquents frequently fall into Stage 1 or Stage 2 of moral development”. You will take what you learned from the reading assignment and create a well written 1-page synopsis highlighting the information listed below:

Research the work and theories of psychologist Carol Gilligan. She provides criticism of Kohlberg’s work on moral development of males and females differs.

  • In your new post, describe her thoughts on moral development in your own words. Make sure you utilize at least 1 external reference (i.e. your reference list will have a minimum of 2 sources, your textbook and your external reference. 
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