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Objective: Describe how juvenile offenders were treated by law throughout history.

Throughout history, juveniles were essentially chattel, or property, in the eyes of society and the courts around the world. There was no separate designation given to youths in the court all juveniles were treated the same as an adult in the criminal justice system and subject to the same penalties as an adult. You will take what you learned from the reading assignment and create a well written essay highlighting the information listed below. 

Write a 2page essay explaining the Historical Treatment of Juvenile

To achieve maximum points for content analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:  

  • Describe how juvenile offenders were treated by law throughout history
  • How were children treated prior to the development of separate institutions for wayward juveniles?
  • What issues in the treatment of children were problematic during the Industrial Revolution?
  • Provide at least three scholarly sources. If you cite a dictionary, it will be in addition to the required three sources. Dictionaries and non-peer-reviewed sites such as Wikipedia are not considered scholarly.
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