Position Paper


Position Paper: A position paper is an essay that expresses the author's view on a specific topic using evidence to support their stance. The purpose of a position paper is to persuade. Your ability to provide supporting evidence for a claim can be more important than the topic itself. 

The position paper will be double-spaced, at least two pages, and no longer than three. The final paper will include a title page, the body of work, and a separate reference page(s). The title and reference pages will not be included in the 2–3-page limits. There will be a minimum of three peer-reviewed references for this paper. No reference will be over seven years old, and a live link for each resource will take the reader directly to your resource. (Hint: Yes, I do check references). ****APA 7TH EDITION FORMAT***

MY TOPIC: The link between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease. 

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