infant & toddler care


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Health, safety and nutrition are the core elements of ensuring high quality care for infants and toddlers. In
this assignment you are asked to choose one of the scenarios outlined below and write an essay
explaining how you would manage the situation. In your essay you will need to:
1. Refer to the Hong Kong Operation Manual for Pre-Primary Institutions (2023), specifically chapters 3,
4, 5, and 6, and Marotz's book "Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child."
2. Choose one of the scenarios below.
3. Define the problem you are exploring.
4. Explain why the problem is important in relation to health, safety, and nutrition in infant and toddler
5. Explain how you, as a teacher, would work with children and families in the scenario to promote
young children's wellness.
Students will be assessed on their 7APA referencing style, including the use of in-text citations and a
reference page. Essay should be 800 words excluding references
The grading criteria is posted on Moodle. This assignment must be submitted through Turnitin: a
similarity rating greater than 20% should be revised for plagiarism and resubmitted.
In each of the scenarios you are a qualified childcare worker who is responsible for providing high quality
care to the children in the centre and for building positive relationships with parents and caregivers.
Scenario 1: There is a child who is facing challenges related to weight issues and obesity at the centre.
Every morning, as the parents bring the child to school, they provide them with a breakfast that includes
choices like a chocolate donut, burger, or other unhealthy foods. Likewise, when the child is picked up in
the afternoon, the parent consistently offers them sugary treats such as lollipops or chocolates.
Scenario 2: Every day, a child is brought to the center by their grandmother. However, the child
consistently refuses to wash their hands before entering the center. The grandmother insists that the
child has already washed their hands at home.
Scenario 3: At the centre, there is a girl who likes wearing a hairpin with sharp angles. When you
advised her to remove it due to safety concerns, the girl became overwhelmed with emotions. She cried,
screamed, and stated that the hairpin was her absolute favourite. The girl's parents were promptly
informed about the situation, and they expressed that they did not want to force or pressure her into
removing the hairpin.
Scenario 4: A parent has donated a box of toys to your center, and within the donation is a box filled with
various types of Legos. However, you have been made aware that a neighbouring child-care center is
currently experiencing an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease.
Online research of infant and toddler related Associations
Zero to Three:
Government websites and documents
Guidelines on Prevention of Communicable Diseases in Schools / Kindergartens /Kindergartens-cumChild Care Centres / Child Care Centres
Operation Manual for Pre-primary Institutions
Social Welfare Department

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