Tesla Analysis 5 Page Paper


Evaluate Telsa and conduct an internal analysis of the company. Also, pick a competitor to the company you have chosen. Then perform PESTEL, Porter, and SWOT analysis on the case company you chose and the competitor company you chose.

Task: Write a 5-page paper. Compare and Contrast the two competitors you chose based on your PESTEL, Porter, and SWOT Analysis. 
Conclusion: Based on your comparisons, how do the two competitors you have chosen stack up against each other in the competitive landscape?  
References: Remember to include an outside reference from a trusted library source.  Remember to cite your references throughout your paper.  Follow APA formatting.  

Please follow the below format when writing your paper:

Cover page
(Do not include an abstract)
Introduce the industry you’re exploring
The general environment (PESTEL Analysis)
Please discuss the following factors that have an impact to the industry

    • Demographic
    • Political/Legal
    • Sociocultural
    • Economic
    • Technological
    • Global
    • Sustainable Physical      

The industry environment (PORTER Analysis)
Please run through the Porter’s Five Forces for the industry

    • Threat of New Entrants
    • Power of Buyers
    • Power of Suppliers
    • Intensity of Rivalry
    • Product Substitutes        

The competitor environment (SWOT Analysis) 

  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Opportunity
  • Threats

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