Consumer Behavior BUS 3302


1.(a) Present an example of an observation and inference. Your response should have four parts. First, describe the person you observed by gender, age, and situation (e.g., a pregnant woman in her early twenties walking in the market with two small children). Second, describe the person’s interaction with a product or service (e.g., the woman stopped at the fruit stand, examined a papaya, asked the vendor what it cost, and put it back in the pile without purchasing it). Third, make an inference about his or her motives, priorities, or perceptions (e.g., She perceived the papaya as being of poor quality.) Fourth, make one alternative inference about his or her motives, priorities or perceptions (e.g., She determined that the price was too high, and she gives a higher priority to buying other products at this time.)

1.(b) At least three times a day during this week, perform an S-O-R black box analysis on yourself. Observe what you are doing (especially in terms of the products and services you are using or purchasing). Identify the role of the stimuli and organismic background factors in influencing these behaviors and decisions.


Please be sure to include your reference citation at the end of your post, as well as the corresponding internal citation where you used the information.

Provide definitions of the terms below S-O-R, observation, inference, alternative inference e.t.c

The two parts of the question should be in word format

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