Emotional Intelligence Article Paper Review


Review the Article attached to this post and write a 5-page, double-spaced paper with the following criteria:

1. Summary of topic / main points or thesis of the article

2. Analysis of the article, how you feel about the article, discuss why you feel this information is or isn't relevant to organizations today, discuss the research methods utilized by the authors to gather information (where was the research conducted?, Who were the participants? How many participants were included in the study? How was the study conducted, interviews, surveys, observation?). Also, discuss your thoughts on the research methods implemented by the researchers (Should there have been a greater number of participants? Should there have been greater diversity among participants? What do you think about the data-gathering tool used? Were interviews, surveys, etc. sufficient?)

3. Application of the material, discuss how you could apply the information in your current or future organizations and how managers, employees, etc., could you apply the information in organizations to better overall organizational effectiveness. 

4. Three questions that you would like to ask the author of the article if you were given the opportunity to do so. For example: maybe you would like to ask the author why a certain idea was not explored or why he/she chose the particular research methods for the study. 

5. References cited are listed in APA format in a bibliography with correct use of grammar. 

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