Business Law and Ethics LJ unit 8


<h4>Case Study:  </h4>

Imagine that you are working for a multinational corporation operating in the consumer goods sector. The company has been accused of exploiting its workers in developing countries and engaging in unethical business practices, such as using child labor, paying low wages, and engaging in environmental degradation. This has resulted in negative publicity for the company, and it is now facing public pressure to change its behavior and improve its reputation. 

As an employee in this company, you have been tasked with developing a plan to address these concerns and improve the company's reputation. The company is interested in understanding the ethical issues it is facing and how it can support ethical behavior. The company is also interested in understanding the role a corporate social responsibility plays in the business world and how it can help the company regain the trust of its stakeholders. 

<h4>Assignment instructions</h4>

Your plan should address the following items:


  • Identify the major ethical problem factors and legal concerns that the company is facing. 
  • Describe how this company can support ethical behavior and improve its reputation. Explain what practices the company would need to change and what new practices they should implement to address the legal and ethical issues.
  • Explain the role of corporate social responsibility in the business world and how it can help the company regain the trust of its stakeholders.
  • </ol>

    Your response should be well-structured, clearly written, and supported by scholarly references. You are also encouraged to provide specific examples from real-life companies to support your arguments.  

    <h4>Submission instructions</h4>

    • Your response should be approximately 500-1000 words in length not including the reference list. Use one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. No cover page or heading is required.    
    • Include a reference list on the last page of your essay. Use high-quality scholarly, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for the discipline and genre of the writing. 

    • Use the APA reference guide when writing references.  For assistance with APA formatting, view the Learning Resource Center: Academic Writing.   

    • Make sure that your paper is free of grammar and spelling errors

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