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Many theories about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness have been developed over the years.  
Different textbooks use different words for the ways we approach abnormal behavior or mental illness.  The OER Commons textbook calls these approaches therapeutic orientations and breaks the models down into cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, person-centered therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches.  The Opentext Textbook calls these approaches models and breaks them down differently: biological, psychological (including psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and existential), and sociocultural.  

Different people will connect with different perspectives or models of abnormal behavior.  Choose one that you believe makes the most sense.  In your paper indicate what that theory believes is the cause of abnormal behavior.  Then indicate the ways the theory attempts to diagnose abnormal behavior.  Then indicate how that theory treats abnormal behavior.  You can use information from either textbook and then a website that discusses that model/theory.  For instance, Carl Jung is a proponent of the psychoanalytic model:  jungchicago.org

As people who are hoping to work in the field of human services, it is vital that you read this chapter carefully.  These theories are basic to all that we will be learning, not only in this class, but also in all of our future classes. 

  • Consider the various theories covered.
  • Prepare a 1-page double spaced assignment in which you describe one of the theories that you find most interesting to you. Ensure the following points are addressed:
  • Include the concepts of the theory (causes, diagnosis, treatment). 
  • Search one website and include some of the aspects of the theory as described there. 

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.
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