Ch. 1 & 2 Organizational Communication Homework Assignment Questions


Please fully answer each question accurately (based on the chapter PowerPoint attached below) and thoughtfully (each question should have at least 3-5 complete sentences). 

1. Think about the three following organizational communication perspectives discussed in chapter one of your text: Post-Positivist, Interpretive, and Critical. Discuss two to three key elements of each perspective as well as how each perspective differs from the other.

2. Think of yourself as an organizational communication researcher, discuss the perspective in which you can most relate, the perspective you would utilize to research organizations and why.

3. In chapter two of our text we learn about anticipatory socialization and the experience of unmet expectations. Think about an organization you have joined when expectations were not met. Discuss the experience, how your expectations for the job developed, how these expectations were not met and what you did/ what communication avenue did you use when you realized your expectations were not being met. 

4. In many cases new employees may experience unrealistic expectations due to impression management by the organization during the recruitment and selection process. Discuss two strategies organizations could implement to help provide more realistic expectations for new employees.

5. In chapter two of our text we also learn about anticipatory socialization for volunteers. Discuss at least two differences when comparing anticipatory socialization for volunteers versus paid employees. 

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