Chemistry Stoichiometry


1.  1HCl + 1NaOH → 1H2O + 1NaCl After completing the neutralization experiment above, students had a percent yield of 84.46%. 

2.  2KClO3 → 2KCl + 3O2

 Students complete the decomposition experiment above and produced 85.52g of KCl. Calculate the percent yield if the theoretical yield of KCl is 88.36g.

3.  In the reaction 4Li + 1O2 → 2Li2O, what would the actual yield be when 42.66g of Li reacted with 44.37g of O2 and the percent yield is 88.88%moles Li2O?

4.   S6 + 6H2 → 6H2S 

What is the maximum number of grams of hydrogen sulfide (its molar mass is 34.09g/mol...woo hoo saved you a step) that can be produced when 73.66g of sulfur react with 11.39g of hydrogen?

5.  CH4 + 2O2 → 2H2O + CO2

Identify the theoretical yield of H2O in liters when 14.24 moles of CH4 combusts in 14.24 moles of O@STP.

6.  3CO + Fe2O3 → 2Fe + 3CO2

 If 5.61 x 1023 molecules of carbon monoxide reacts with 1.29 x 1023 particles of iron(III) oxide, what is the largest volume of carbon dioxide that can be produced @ STP.

7.   2Al + 3CuSO4 → Al2(SO4)3 + 3Cu

What amount of particles of aluminum sulfate can be produced when 3.20 mol of aluminum reacts with 9.25 mol of copper(II) sulfate?

8.  S8 + 12O2 → 8SO3  

 If 131.05g of sulfur is reacted with 132.39g of oxygen to produce 2.10mol of SO3 what is the percent yield?




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