The aim of the assignment is to develop students’ professionalism and competence in engaging in
advocacy for children, families, and the early childhood education profession.
This group assignment requires students to provide the following for your presentation:
a) Introduction
• Select a relevant and prevalent topic relating to the area that you have selected.
• Discuss the topic selected in depth: Why do you think there is a need or urgency to advocate for the
selected topic?
b) Developing the strategic plan for Advocacy
Select ONE of the areas that you would like to advocate for:
1) Children
2) Families
3) ECE Profession
• Date Initiated
• Advocacy Group or Individual
• Statement of the problem
• Background information (e.g. support it with academic journal articles, textbook or any
other reliable resources)
• Objective(s) (e.g. the objectives will be reflected in your entire planning especially with
the use of different tactics)
• Barriers
• Stakeholders and their perspectives
• Constituents/Allies/Opponents
• Primary and Secondary targets for advocacy
• Long-term goals & short-term goals
• Networks and coalitions you can work with (e.g. relevant authorities that you would like
to reach to address your views)
• Educations, Persuasive and Mobilization Tactics (e.g. use at least THREE tactics and
provide clear rationale for using them to achieve your objectives)
• Timeline
c) Conclusion
The importance of Advocacy: how would advocacy impact the lives of children, families or ECE
Requirement & Format:
• Prepare the presentation using PowerPonit 
• You must make reference to Advocacy in relevant textbooks and at least ONE academic journal
articles to support your contents.
Marking criteria
Contents and clarity (Total 20 marks)
Clarity of Contents (12 marks)
- The introduction (select of the area/topic), strategic plan and conclusion demonstrate students’
insights of the topic/area chosen to advocate for children, families or ECE profession.
The effectiveness of tactics used (5 marks)
- The rationale for using different tactics to achieve your objective set in the strategic plan.
Language (3 marks)
- Sentence structure, grammar and spelling, including APA 7th edition referencing.


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