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For this final writing assignment, write a 4 - 5 page (1250 minimum word) paper (not including your bibliography/works cited page), discussing the impact that you think Michael Jackson has made on popular culture, and on the entertainment industry. Take this beyond just the numbers or dollars of having sold the most albums, most number one singles, etc., and discuss the effects his work and career have had on different aspects of popular culture. These kinds of effects could include (but are not limited to):

  • the technical approach to recording music
  • contemporary songwriting
  • influence on dance music
  • performing and the expectations a contemporary audience has for a concert
  • dance
  • music videos
  • blending of musical styles, particularly pop, rhythm & blues and rock
  • music written to inspire or cause action
  • African Americans music in popular entertainment
  • fashion
  • celebrity

I'm not suggesting that you write on all the above by any means, but choose a couple of these topics and expand on how you think Jackson's work and career influenced, changed and/or effected them. Remember, this is a RESEARCH PAPER, go into depth to prove your point, using examples whenever possible to illustrate what you are writing about. While your course texts can be a great starting point for your research, cite sources other than your text for information (not Wikipedia). I also want to make it clear, that I DO NOT WANT A BIOGRAPHY ON MICHAEL JACKSON. While some biographical information can be useful to make some specific points in your paper, the main focus of your paper should be proving the assertions that you have made in your thesis statement, through your exhaustive research on your topics. IF YOU SUBMIT LESS THAN THE REQUIRED 1250 WORDS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE FOR THE PAPER. 

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