No Plagiarism!!! 4 page paper needed before 11:59 pm est. Tomorrow.


. You are required to complete a paper on any juvenile justice topic of your choice (Child Abuse and Delinquency)  Do not just use the content in the text. You are REQUIRED to use a minimum of three (3) scholarly reviewed articles from published journals in addition to your text. As college students, you are expected to know how to search for peer-reviewed journal articles. Use the following link to access student resources as it pertains to research:\

Formatting: The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman or Arial font, with one-inch margins. The paper needs to be at least 4 FULL pages of content and no more than 5 pages. All in text citations and references need to be in APA formatting. The title page and reference page are not to be included in the page count. You do not need to provide an abstract or running header. Any papers submitted with less than 4 full pages of content will incur significant deduction in points. An online guide for APA formatting can be accessed at APA Style website<span class="external_link_icon" role="presentation"></span>

<span class="screenreader-only">Links to an external site.</span> (Links to an external site.) or Purdue Owl APA formatting<span class="external_link_icon" role="presentation"></span>

<span class="screenreader-only">Links to an external site.</span>(Links to an external site.).

Include the following sections at a minimum (These sections need to be labeled in the paper):
1. Title page
2. Introduction to your topic (How is child abuse linked to juvenile deliquency?)
3. Critical analysis of the topic
4. Proposed solutions (What would you do to address the issue/topic?)
5. Conclusion
6. References

Content: You must provide a critical examination of your topic of choice. Do not just restate the articles’ findings. Rather, you should provide a critical analysis of the topic, explain the various perspectives of the issue, and discuss if there are any effective ways to address the issue.

Please message me if clarification of requirements is needed. 

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