no longer a group project and only worry about week 1 right now!! Chicago style APA do the bolded area only!!


This group research project introduces you to excellent historical writing through a method of critique. Each group will select one historian and review his or her books or articles with an eye toward analyzing how that person writes, presents research, and generally conveys his or her ideas. The completed project is due at the end of Week 3.

You will complete two milestones (Week 1 and Week 2) to prepare for the final submission due in Week 3. For an overview of the requirements of the final submission, review WK3 Excellent Historians Group Project Final Submission

This week you will select a historian to research and submit to your professor for approval.

Week 1 Requirements:

  • Enter your assigned group discussion forum set up by your professor.
  • As a group, discuss and select a historian for your project from the following list.
    • Mark Noll
    • Gordon Wood
    • Forrest McDonald
    • Joyce Appleby
    • Daniel J. Boorstein
    • Paul Johnson
    • Edmund S. Morgan
    • Jonathan D. Spence
    • Andrew R.L. Cayton
    • Nancy Isenberg
    • Nicole Etcheson
  • Submit your selected historian with a short rationale for your selection. Include the following:
    • Name of the selected historian.
    • Why you chose this historian.
    • A few facts you already know of the historian.
    • Questions you have as you begin your study of this historian.

All written assignments in the history major should be formatted using Chicago Style. For assistance with Chicago Style, please refer exclusively to The Trailblazer Handbook and your professor.

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