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FIVE: Scientific Basis Paper

It is important to find at least three (3) peer-reviewed journals that will help you define vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout and outline strategies for effective management.  Consider how the field of psychology has treated these issues, as well as recommended treatment interventions and recommendations. 

  • Write a 2 page paper describing vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout.  Ensure the following points are addressed:
    • Describe each of these phenomena (vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout).
    • Include three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles that support effective coping strategies for overcoming any one of these stress-related issues.
    • Consider a biblical worldview and integrate Scripture as appropriate to support your discussion.
    • Proper citation and referencing of research is expected.

Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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