Professionalism of ECE teachers essay


The aim of the assignment is to develop students’ professionalism. In order to prepare students to be professional early childhood educators in the future, students demonstrate understanding of the criteria and attributes of an ECE profession, reflect on their own strength/weakness and suggest strategies of promoting themselves as an ECE professional. Also, students to identify the possible challenges or issues they could be confronted (such as political and cultural related issues), and to analyse how these issues would impact their roles of an ECE teacher.
This assignment requires students to:
• Identify the criteria and attribute of a professional early childhood educator.
• Reflect on their own status and suggest strategies of promoting professional.
• Recognise possible challenges or issues and analyse how these issues would impact their roles of an ECE teacher.
Make reference to at least THREE academic journal articles and ONE book to support your essay. Please take note that this is a minimum requirement so you are expected to include further references.
Note: The essay reflection should make reference to relevant literatures that have been referred to in the course, and any other relevant texts that support your discussion.
Marking criteria
1. Contents and clarity 
(e.g. provide a general view on professionalism on ECE sector)
Literature review (e.g. Identify the criteria and attributes of ECE professional)
Reflection and Discussion (e.g. Reflect own status and discuss strategies promoting professional)
Analysis (e.g. possible challenges and their impact on your role)
Conclusion (Reflect on the main ideas of the essay and provide writer’s viewpoint)
2. Language and APA Referencing 
Language – Sentence structure, grammar and spelling, including APA 7th edition referencing.
Length of assignment: 1500 –1700 words 

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