As defined in the lecture, public sa Question


As defined in the lecture, public safety is defined as "involving protecting the public — safeguarding people from crimes, disasters, and other potential dangers and threats. In the United States, public safety is the dedicated responsibility of certain government organizations and local departments. Think police officers, security agents, emergency response teams, fire forces, parole officers, emergency management, and more. No matter the role, the primary goal of public safety professionals is to prevent danger and to protect the well-being of citizens, communities, and organizations" (Goodwin University, 2021).

As discussed in the Week 1 lecture, US public safety organizations have a primary goal of protecting the public and keeping them safe. In many cases, public safety organizations are comprised of individuals from many organizations, including police, EMS, and public transportation officials. Public safety involves "the prevention of and protection from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, injury/harm, or damage such as criminal activity, man-made or natural disasters ("Public Safety," 2020).

Select a current public safety issue in the United States in the news. Critically analyze the situation and reflect on what you learned in this week's module. Identify a specific person(s) who appeared to be public safety leaders in the event? Are individuals who are in a command position the only individuals who asserted leadership? Why or why not? What are the human factors that influenced the situation? Which leadership principles and concepts were present? Were the pillars of leadership apparent?

Post the link to the article or news report about the public safety issue so that your class colleagues can review and comment.

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