jc 200 words 1st discussion


Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is a Christian “warrior” who is a former Army Ranger, law enforcement officer and West Point psychology professor.  He brings perspective to the discussion of what having a “warrior mindset” looks like, as well as how Christians can bring honor to the position of promoting justice in a fallen world.
This will be a great activity for watching the Prayer Breakfast Lecture by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, who is also the author of one of the texts in this course titled: On combat: the psychology and physiology of deadly conflict in war and in peace.

  • Prepare to discuss what Lt. Col. Grossman calls the “warrior mindset.”  Ensure the following points are addressed:
    • Respond to Grossman’s “warrior mindset” and what it takes to be a “sheep dog.”
    • Discuss your initial impressions of what it takes to have a “warrior mindset” and how this integrates with a biblical worldview.
    • Include at least one biblical reference in your discussion.
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