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Survival Psychology is a relatively new field of study that looks at risks to resilience, avoiding PTSD and becoming stronger in the face of resilience.  Several elements have already been covered in the course thus far that impact resilience (i.e. optimism, physical exercise).
Consider your intended profession or career, and prepare to relay how you could apply the current research in survival psychology to be more resilient throughout your career.  It is necessary to identify specific risks that are present in your intended career, and find peer-reviewed articles that highlight research that discuss career-specific stresses with survival psychology applications.

  • Watch Gavin de Becker discuss The Gift of Fear in the video below.

The Gift of Fear

  • Outline how our bodies alert us to danger to help keep us safe when we understand the signals. 
  • Find three (3) peer-reviewed articles that discuss potential stresses of your chosen career and share ideas that promote resilience and the applications from survival psychology.
  • Use the ProQuest database to begin your search.
  • Write a 2 page paper describing stresses that are common in your chosen profession.  If you are not sure of your specific “profession,” you can also use “human services” or “people helping” to begin your search. 

Ensure the following points are addressed:

    • Describe the “gift of fear” and how this can protect someone in a potentially dangerous situation.
    • Summarize common stresses unique to your chosen profession or field of study, using three (3) peer-reviewed articles.
    • Discuss how survival psychology will help you become more resilient as you go about your career after graduation.
    • Proper citation and referencing of research is expected.

Ensure that you use the Paper Writing rubric to guide your efforts and support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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