5 page business ethics paper


Write a 5 five-page paper describing the ethical considerations at the various points in the consumer experience; namely, before, during, and after purchase. Select whatever brand(s) you like and include examples from your text and outside reading. Cite all sources.

Your paper should demonstrate an understanding of both the value of various methodologies (e.g., neuromarketing and influencer marketing) as well as their attendant ethical considerations.

Concise writing is essential—do not try to tackle consumer behavior across every conceivable segment. Instead, select an area of interest (e.g., women, Generation Z, twins, motorcycle riders…whatever!) where you can demonstrate your understanding of how the various influences affect consumer behavior and how ethics intersects a marketer’s tactics.

Resource: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/z7nr382/revision/1

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