project 3: organization study project

this project is about conducting a problem assessment and analysis of causes of the problem within an organization, using the knowledge you gained about research designs/methods in previous period. you can either choose one method (qualitative or quantitative).  the paper should provide some background about the organization, identify a focal problem, propose and justify probable causes explaining why the problem exists, methods of addressing a focal problem, and include results of preliminary information collected. the requirement of this project is to collect and analyze some diagnostic evidence within this organization. for choosing a sample organization, it should be multicultural/global and can be a business or a non-profit, with employees from diverse cultures.  it can also be a unit within a larger multicultural organization. the organization or unit chosen should have 5 or more employees and should not be the organization or unit in which you currently work to avoid any bias. due to the compressed schedule of a semester, the data collected and results reported are only preliminary.  lastly, provide a brief reflection from a christian perspective as regards your learning from conducting this organizational diagnostic.
sample: for a qualitative method, three samples are required for interview and seven interview questions. for a quantitative study using a survey method, ten samples are needed for a basic statistical analysis. 

format: the length is between 3000-3500 words; double space, excluding references and appendix; apa style. ten minimum academic references.

i need this paper by 2/24/23

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