aroonquestiona garment factory produ Question


aroonquestiona garment factory produces shirts and pants for kmart chain. the contract is such thatquality control is done before shipping and all products supplied to kmart satisfying thequality requirements would be accepted by the chain. the factory employs 20 workersin the cutting department, 52 workers in the sewing department, and 14 workers in thepackaging department. the garment factory works 8 productive hours a day (no idletime during these 8 hours). there is a daily demand for at most 200 shirts. the demandfor pants is unlimited. each worker can participate only in one activity- the activity towhich they are assigned. the table below gives the time requirements (in minutes) andprofit per unit for the two garments.amount (minutes) per operationcutting sewing packaging profit per unit($)shirts 40 40 20 10pants 20 100 20 8a) explain why a linear programming (lp) model would be suitable for this case study

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