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he mindset necessary to embrace for this objective is we are able to acknowledge the various forms of domestic terrorism that are recognized by the united states and demonstrate an ability to identify them. domestic terrorism really has to come with a historical context to be completely understood. but note how much shorter the time span for domestic terrorism than that of international terrorism because in reality the united states is still such a young country. also consider here the current disputes we have domestically that have led to terrorist organizations as they are defined in chapter 1 of the text even though you may not have considered them a type of terrorism prior to reading this text.

prepare to share in discussion on the following points:
what is domestic terrorism?
how do we categorize and define it?
how does racism play into domestic terrorism?
what other types of domestic terrorism exist and what are they influenced by?
this is a "post-first" discussion. you will need to post your initial post in order to see peer posts.

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