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objective 1: explain revolutionary and counterrevolutionary terrorism and their historical contexts.

the mindset necessary to embrace for this objective is that we understand the concepts revolutionary and counterrevolutionary terrorism and be able to apply them to current events. we need to understand the significance of these two types of terrorism and the differences between them. note how these focus on ideologies and religion unlike some of the other international terrorist groups that were discussed previously. again consider the historical context of how these groups evolved and their influence on modern terrorism on an international level.

<ul><li>prepare to share in discussion on the following points:<ul><li>explain revolutionary and counterrevolutionary terrorism.</li><li>what is their historical path?</li><li>what are examples of these types of terrorist groups and how do they currently operate?</li><li>what is maoist terrorism and why and where does it operate in the world?</li></ul></li></ul>

<em>this is a "post-first" discussion. you will need to post your initial post in order to see peer posts.</em>

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