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TWO: Identifying Behaviors Assignment
Neukrug (2017) identifies several things that he calls “toxic” behaviors which we have learned growing up and could definitely affect our ability to help others. He encourages us to identify these behaviors in order to see how they have affected our lives. This assignment allows you to look at yourself to become aware of any behaviors you may have which will hinder helping others. These may be behaviors which some would not necessarily consider “toxic.” use pages uploaded for behavior discussion!
As you look over his list, either choose three of these which may apply to you or think of some of your own. With those in mind, answer the following in a 1-page response:
What challenges/difficulties might these behaviors create when working with those who are hurting?
Do you see yourself as having some of these behaviors? Which ones?
What are some ways for you to make sure that these behaviors will not be exhibited while working with others?
Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. Use of APA format is required.

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