Objective 2: Distinguish between terrorists and ordinary criminals and different types of terrorists.

The mindset necessary to embrace for this objective is we are able to demonstrate an ability to differentiate between criminals that law enforcement deal with on a daily basis versus a terrorist and their criminal acts. Traditional criminals operate so much differently than terrorists that it makes for a whole different challenge for law enforcement and all types of governments to combat. Consider the different mindsets of each and how that affects the way they are treated by law enforcement and perhaps even the evidence or investigation needed that would be different.

Consider the differences between more traditional criminals and terrorists and the 6 major behavioral differences listed in the text.
Write a one-page journal on the following points:
From a biblical perspective and your own belief of Christianity how are terrorists so different in their operation?
Does this have to do with a type of belief system?
Are any of the 6 behavioral differences mentioned in the Bible as things God or Jesus warn us about for either the traditional criminal and/or the terrorist?
Please include Biblical references or outside material as necessary.

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