Women In Politics Paper


*Answer in 3-5 typed, double-spaced pages (Max page limit is 5 pages).

*A good essay is characterized by coherent and forceful arguments based on existing research and evidence. Use the assigned readings and lecture notes/videos to answer these questions. Cite the authors when referencing them or their arguments. Answers, however, should be more than a reproduction of others' thoughts or arguments. Use the questions to show that you both know the material and can present an analytical argument as a scholar.

*Citations: The general rule is that you must cite a source for any information or ideas that you did not previously know or come up with on your own. Citations can appear in parenthesis in the text (for example: author(s) name year, page number(s); with MLA or APA style accepted) or they can be included as a footnote/endnote (Chicago style).

Answer the below question:

  1. Do women change the way business is done in elective office? Do women have a different style of doing politics or viewing power and does this make a difference in an elected body?

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