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Myers defines self-schema as "beliefs about self that organize and guide the processing of self-relevant information" and self-concept as "what we know and believe about ourselves" (Myers, 2015, p. 30). Being an introvert would be considered a self-concept. Self-schemas of an introvert might be a love for reading or a quiet personality. I consider myself to be an introvert so I prefer fewer close relationships and quiet evenings at home. Another self-schema I possess is a love for creativity. This influences how I spend my quiet time and even how I worship. I also love children and working with them, either teaching them reading and spelling or about the Lord. This influences what kind of work I do and is an area where I see myself as successful. 

The self-schemas I mentioned are post-salvation. I grew up not knowing the Lord until I was about 17 and my self-concept was much different. Our household was a very independent or individualistic environment. There wasn't a lot of support offered to one another so there was an emphasis on the need to be independent. Others were not celebrated but rather negated. Maladaptive self-serving bias allowed for less personal responsibility to be taken for issues of self-control (Myers, 2015). An environment that was more collectivist would have allowed us to ask one another for help or realize that we needed each other, which is not a sign of weakness or laziness. This may have allowed fewer feelings of isolation, defensiveness, and mistrust.

However, as Myers points out, self-concepts are very complex and we often inaccurately predict how we may behave or feel. So much goes into the process that reaches the outcome and we are more aware of the outcome than we are of the process (Myers, 2015). This can be seen in how two children can grow up in the same household and one does well in the life while the other may not seem to do so well. 

Myers, D.G. (2015). Exploring Social Psychology, (7th Edition). McGraw Hill Education.

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