Reading Response Questions Chapters 5 & 6 - Ordinary Saints Book


Read Ordinary Saints by Robert Benne Chapters 5 & 6 called Moral Development and The Christians' Calling: Toward Theonomy. I attached the pages in JPG format below and each attachment is numerically organized with parentheses (Pages 81-127). 

Then Answer ODD questions at the end of the reading. Here are the questions:

Chapter 5

1. In what way do the four levels of moral development correspond with the four levels of sanctions that the author outlined? 

3. Do we all have tendencies toward egoism or have some people overcome them?

5. Give some examples in which "heteronomous" types of person might well be morally superior to autonomous types?

7. What do you think of the criticisms made of the autonomous modes of morality? 

Chapter 6

1. The chapter begins with a depiction of our life "under the law". What does it mean and is that description too grim and pessimistic?

3. What is theonomy? how is it different from autonomy and heteronomy?

5. What does it mean to have the "mind of faith"? What are the obstacles to having it?

7. How can one determine whether one has a genuine call? Are there criteria?

9. What qualities of agape did the teacher exhibit in her dealings with the young student? How was she responsible for the worldly demands of her job as a teacher?

11. Give some examples of "bearing the cross" in the exercise of one's calling.

13. What do you hope for as your eternal destiny? 

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