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For this assignment, answer TWO of the following six questions; one question from Set One and one question from Set Two.  For questions 1-6, your response should be approximately four-six paragraphs.   For questions 7-10, see the question for details on how to answer the question.  Your response is due before the end of the day (11:59 pm CST) on Friday 18 November 2022.  You will upload your answers as a Word or PDF document.  NOTE: you should be able to upload multiple files, if needed.

Also, you must cite your sources!

Set One [choose ONE question to answer]

  1. The issue of climate change is one of global concern.  Though many international treaties and plans exist involving many countries in the world, the ones that are most impacted directly seem to be those in the Pacific region.  Look up the basics of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement; what do each propose to do?  What role do the larger countries in the world, such as China and the United States, play in helping to ensure the survival of countries such as Kiribati and the Marshall Islands?  Some argue that creating environmental protections hurts economic growth.  In your opinion, does the need to protect the environment outweigh the need for economic prosperity?  Explain the position.
  2. Since the 1990s, Latin America has been the top source of immigration into the United States.  Currently, the U.S. does limit immigration through the use of visas, but does not utilize merit-based qualifications

     Links to an external site., such as education level and language fluency.  If you were president, what would be your immigration policy for the U.S.; should it remain as-is allowing anyone to enter or should there be qualifications?  Or, should the United States move towards the extreme, either a true open border with no need to apply OR a completely closed border where no one is allowed in?  And, regardless of your position, what should be done with refugees and asylum seekers?  Explain your position clearly.

  3. The United States exerts economic, political, and military influence over the Americas, an approach that helps to protect some countries but also upsets others.  In your opinion, what role should the U.S. play in the region?  in what situations should the U.S. get involved in the affairs of other countries, whether it is through military action, political influence, or economic measures?  does the U.S. interests in the affairs of other countries benefit the region overall? should countries in the region also have the "right" to intervene in U.S. affairs?
  4. The European Union is one of the most successful international organizations in the world, becoming a model for other regions seeking greater regional cooperation.  However, it is not without its issues, as seen with the United Kingdom's departure from the EU, as well as internal issues regarding immigration and a perceived western European bias.  In your opinion, should the United States and the greater Americas create a similar organization (an American Union, perhaps)?
    1. If so, how should such an organization handle issues such as immigration between member states and should there be a common currency [think of other issues that would need to be worked out also]?
    2. If not, then why not and, by extension, should other countries in the European Union follow the UK's lead and leave the EU?
  5. Nuclear weapons are (currently) the most destructive weapon that countries possess and though the fear of nuclear war is nowhere near the levels is was during the Cold War, it is still a possibility.  Russia, France, and the United Kingdom all possess nuclear weapons, with Russia believed to own the most (the United States is also well stocked).  Though only a small number of countries have nuclear weapons (eight or nine), some have called for the dismantling of such weapons.  Do you believe that all countries should ban nuclear weapons?  Explain your position.  Regardless of your position, given that it is a reality, should any country be allowed to possess nuclear weapons and/or why should we trust the eight/nine countries that do possess them?
  6. You are tasked by the United Nations to broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.  Ukraine's concerns are with territorial integrity and security while building stronger relations with the rest of Europe; Russia's concerns are with historic territorial claims, protecting Russian people in Ukraine, and its own security relative to NATO expansion.  Give that, how to you go about brokering a peace deal that is equitable and satisfactory to all sides?  How would you address Russia's territorial claims while maintaining Ukrainian territorial integrity?  How to address security concerns for both sides?  And, regardless of what you propose, assume both sides reject it.  What role should NATO and the United States play in bringing an end to the war [if at all]?
    1. NOTE: for this question, put aside the war crimes claims [while definitely important, that is a different discussion completely] and Russia's Nazism claims.

Set Two [choose ONE question to answer]

  1. Consider some the physical geographic places that we covered in Units 3 and 4 (and some we didn't) – Great Barrier Reef, Aoraki, Mauna Loa, Galapagos Islands, Lake Titicaca, Iguasu Falls, the Great Blue Hole (Belize), the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Aral Sea, Jungfraujoch, Lake Baikal, Nærøyfjord, Plitvice Lakes, Uvs Lake Basin. Choose ONE of these physical geographic places and create a travel brochure that (1) attempts to sell the place as a vacation spot; (2) what to do there; (3) how to get there; and (4) where to stay.
    1. if you do not know to make a travel brochure, do an Internet search or check out YouTube.  be sure to look for trifold brochures as those work the best.  do NOT simply use Powerpoint and do NOT write it as an essay.
  2. Many Caribbean countries rely heavily on tourism to drive their economies.  These countries and territories have tourism bureaus that help to promote their country and differentiate them from their neighbors.  Choose ONE of the following and visit its tourism website: British Virgin Islands

     Links to an external site.Curacao

     Links to an external site.Dominica

     Links to an external site.Guadeloupe

     Links to an external site.Nevis

     Links to an external site.St. Kitts

     Links to an external site.St. Martin

     Links to an external site.St. Vincent & the Grenadines

     Links to an external site.Turks & Caicos

     Links to an external site.U.S. Virgin Islands

     Links to an external site..  Explore the website, especially parts that explain about the country and what to do there.  Document the following: what terms are used (i.e., references to the waters, sand, weather?  romance?  adventure?)?  what images are used [be sure to share those]?  what type of activities are highlighted, especially on the initial home page?  all things considered together, how is geography used to "sell" a country?

  3. When most people think of Europe, they tend to think of England, France, Germany and Italy.  However, there are many other countries that tend to get less attention, including those former Soviet republics.  Choose ONE of the following: Andorra, Belarus, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Tajikistan.  Plan a trip to that country considering (1) at least three places in that country that you would visit and why; (2) would you travel alone or with family or friends [or both]; (3) why did you choose this place and why it is better to go to this country rather than some of those other more well-known countries?
  4. Choose one of the recipes that represent the region [click this link HERE to see the list of recipes]. Prepare the dish and prepare a write-up about the dish.  In the write-up, explain the process in preparing the dish.  Also explain why you chose that particular dish, what you thought about it, and would you recommend it to others.  Finally, consider how the dish may represent the region.  As part of the write-up, include pictures of the process AND of you trying the dish.

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