Literature Review on how COVID-19 Made Healthcare Industries more cautious


I need a literature review on how healthcare industries have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Need 5 sources cited APA style 

  When structuring your literature review, here is a good way to organize it.

a) Group similar studies together by topic (headings for the areas would help if you have a good deal of literature)

b) When you review a study, you should briefly describe the purpose of the study and the final results.  Don't go overboard. 

c)  After reviewing the literature, you should point out the limitations of the current body of research and explain why these limitations necessitate your study

d) Lastly, you pose your specific research question(s). 

Introduction Topic you are writing based off of 

No one predicted Covid-19, it came out of nowhere and lasted longer than we may have anticipated it. Even though it’s not that big of an issue right now, hospitals and doctor's offices still follow protocol as if Covid-19 is here to stay. Since the pandemic, healthcare industries have followed strict rules such as still enforcing masks, limiting how many guests are allowed in each room, and just being more cautious and safe. The message is that before Covid-19, no one realized how much all of us can get affected that easily by the same thing and just how unclean our lifestyle was. Now everything has to be sanitized thoroughly more than ever and we are a lot more aware of and cautious as to what we allow near us.  

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