Management Information systems


Question 1

A new gym requires software to record certain processes. Participants wishing to join the gym
have to apply for membership. The gym expects to offer pilates, yoga, keep fit and spinning classes
run by its own staff for its members, as well as allowing rooms to be used by independent teachers.
The classes are run on the premises in various rooms. Classes will be organised for beginners,
intermediate and advanced members. Each set of in-house classes consists of six sessions in a
specified room with an assigned instructor, one per week for each of the type of member and are
limited to a maximum number of members. A member will contact the gym to enrol on a specific
set of classes. Classes have to be paid via credit or debit card or cash before the sessions. The price
varies according to the type of class. Once payment has been received the member will be enrolled
for the appropriate six sessions.
a) Briefly describe the stages in the following methods which could be used to develop the above
system, including techniques.
i) A structured method (8 marks)
ii) An iterative method. (6 marks)
b) Part of the system will be required to deal with membership, enrolment, payment, attendance
and hiring of a room. Draw a high-level data flow diagram detailing the overview of the system. (8 marks)
c) Identify the main entities and typical attributes within the system. 

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