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he defense attorney plays a critical role in the criminal justice process.  Their duty is to the client, and they must defend their rights to the fullest extent possible.  The system is designed to process criminal defendants and have them go from arrest to plea to sentence.  A defense attorney who attempts to defend his client may receive retribution from the courts and the prosecutors who just want to move the cases along.  The ability to pay for an attorney versus a public defender also impacts the possible outcome of a case.  Defense attorneys find themselves in many ethical dilemmas as they strive to maintain the rights of the accused while working within a system that wants to process defendants quickly.  This role is critical for the system to work fairly and with justice. 

Read The Role of Defense Counsel in Ensuring a Fair Justice System

  • Discuss the following points related to this topic:
  • Describe the moral agent and legal advocate roles of attorneys. 
  • Give examples of how these two groups might make different decisions in a criminal case.   

Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Quoting or paraphrasing from any source in discussion posts requires APA format by including an in-text citation and listing the reference at the end of the post.

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