Gender Lives


There are 5 different "Exploring Gendered Lives" sections in Chapter 7 from our textbook: "Superheroes and Slackers"; "#StillABoy"; "Sisterhood"; "Careers for Women: Gendered, Raced, and Classed."

Select one of these readings and complete the accompanying "Take a Stand" prompt here in this forum.

Remember, your thoughts about all of these topics matters, but you also want to ensure that your responses are respectful to everyone in this class. Possible ways to address something that is controversial to you might include language such as "While I personally believe that bathrooms should remain biologically male and biologically female, I understand that such "traditional" style bathrooms might not be possible as we move forward. One possible solution to this issue might be to ..." <-- Please note that this is not my personal opinion. I am simply using it as an example.

Minimum word response: 200 words.

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