Food serves numerous purposes in society today.  Some of these range from fueling our body, serving as a reason to have social gatherings, to providing comfort when someone is struggling. One of the most common questions that arises in all of these situations related to food is: “Am I full?”  Take a moment to reflect on a meal you had recently and ask yourself, “How did I know I was full or done eating?”  It is a challenging question that often does not have one easy answer. 

  • Prepare a 3 paper that considers the following items:
    • Satiety signals are provided by sensory information, environmental factors, the liver, adipose tissue, gastric factors, and the intestines. Select two of these listed areas.
    • Describe your two choices and explain what role they play in providing satiation signals.
    • Provide at least one example from your own experience for each of the two satiatory signals that you selected.
      use 2 academic sources
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