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Think about a time where you may have been walking and accidentally tripped on the sidewalk.  You put your hands out to catch your fall and you land on your palms.  Reflect on that momentary calm where you wonder, “Am I okay?  I don’t think anything hurts.”  Suddenly you notice that your muscles are tight, your palms start to throb and you look down and see some scrapes and blood.  From there the feeling of pain intensifies.  While many of us are very familiar with this process, and possibly this scenario, we are not as familiar with what happens “behind the scenes” to make this happen. 

  • Prepare a 3 page paper that answers the following questions:
    • Describe the 3 different behavioral/physiological effects of pain
    • Explain the different parts of the brain that each activate
    • Provide separate examples from your own experiences for each of these or a single time when all 3 were activated for you at once.
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