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Who we are, and who we perceive we are, may not necessarily be two identical viewpoints.  We all have the ability to describe ourselves, but we do not always acknowledge what social influences have led to this description.  Our self-concept is shaped by a variety of influences, including the culture we are raised in. It is through exploring these influences that we are better able to understand our overall attitudes and the roles they play in our judgment of the self and others.

  • Prepare to discuss aspects that make up your own self-concept, as well as cultural influences that play a role in dictating a sense of self.   Ensure the following points are addressed:
    • Identify at least 3 self-schemas you possess, and discuss their impact on your overall self-concept.
    • Place yourself in the shoes of someone who grew up in a different cultural environment.  For example, if you grew up in a collectivist culture, imagine that you were raised in a more individualistic setting (or vice versa).  What aspects of your self-concept do you predict would be different, and how would this affect your self-concept, behaviors, and attitudes?
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