Contemporary Art-Linda Nochlin


PROMPT 1 The Myth of Genius in Contemporary Art
Write a traditional academic essay that:
• Deconstructs the myth of the genius artist; use Nochlin's definition of the genius artist, be
specific and accurate.
• Elaborates on Linda Nochlin's explanation by introducing two or more examples of
"mythologized" artists occurring since Nochlin's essay was originally published.
• Answers whether there have been any changes in social identity (attributes of gender, age, race,
ethnicity, etc.) found in mythologizing of artistic genius.
• Explains or speculates on the mechanicians of our contemporary art world and society that
creates the myth of genius.
• Offers alternative way in which to understand, relate to, or perceive "artistic genius"
• Include specific references to 3 texts assigned in this course, but additional independent research
is encouraged. Properly cite all references.

For this essay, the required citation style is the superscript style of citation referred to as "Notes
and Bibliography" and format that bibliography in Chicago style. 

1500 words 12-point font and double-spaced lines

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