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Objective: Examine the role of peace-making as a lifestyle.

Peacemaking is not an event, although it can be. It is about living our lives in a way that "brings peace into the room" wherever we go. The fact is that we are all called to be peacemakers, regardless of whether we are experts, or mediators, or marriage counsellors, or parents of a houseful of unruly kids.

  • Read Matthew 5: 3-11.
  • Prepare for discussion on peacemaking as a lifestyle.
  • Below are some ideas for how to prepare your own contribution to the discussion, but feel to phrase your own.
    • What de-stressors could you put into your life so you come to relationships and situations with an attitude of calm centeredness rather than anxious distractedness?
    • When is it time to confront someone about an issue and when it is a case of "love covers a multitude of sins?"
    • Where do you need to practice more listening skills and do less opinionated "my way is the right way" in conversations?
    • How do you bring accord into environments rather than incite discontent?
    • How does being an advocate of curbing gossip contribute to accord?
    • Where is a basic value for human life—no matter gender, age, and ethnicity, social strata—required for peace making, peace keeping, and peace building?
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