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Objective 1: Brief a case while practicing your breakdown of a statute of a crime against person.

Here students practice the basics of briefing a case. This is another area that takes practice to get comfortable with the process. The key is to take your time reading the case and making notes identifying areas of importance as you read. Unlike a book, you do not start reading a case from the beginning. Read the decision first, the last portion of the case. Then start from the beginning and read the case in its entirety.

  • Prepare to discuss crimes against persons. In particular, identify a crime that you find interesting and brief a case from the reading
  • To maximize your contribution, ensure that the following points are prepared.
    • Find a statute that you find interesting
    • Please limit your sources to the two readings above
    • Identify a case that specifically covers that statute
    • Brief the case, uncovering the following:
      • Facts
      • People involved
      • Elements
      • Specific issues of the case
      • Defenses
      • Court finding
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