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Objective 2: Identify key elements to a criminal statute.

The Ohio Burglary statute §2911.12 is a complex and lengthy statute. There are very similar subsections that are difficult to differentiate. Remember, break down the statute into small subsections, then break it down into elements. A full understanding of the requirements of each statute for a criminal violation of law is imperative; without this, prosecution or defense is impossible. As with many other areas in criminal law, it is best to practice the application with examples.

  • Write a 2-page paper discussing the Ohio law culpable mental state of the criminal defendant. You will be breaking down the subsections to this statute and providing an example for each.
    • Review the statute carefully
    • Break each section down into elements
    • Identify the differences between the subsections
    • Think of a good example of each
      • This is a very difficult section of the revised code so don't get discouraged
      • Give yourself plenty of time to breakdown the statute
    • Provide at least two sources. If you cite a dictionary it will be in addition to the required two sources. The Bible is not to be listed on the References page, but does have to be cited in-text.
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