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Read Carefully! So I've attached some files that tell you about the IA. On the 'IB CS IA guide' document, please refer to the information after page 80-82. I've attached a rubric and also the first assignment for the IA.

So I think basically you have to come up with a client and ask what their problem is and then your solution to it. Please do this first so I can submit and then I'll let you know what to do next. I was not gonna do the IA but if I don't I might not get the IB credit (not sure) so that's why I changed my mind. I'm kind of behind already so it would be great if you come up with the topic, at least, as soon as possible. ONLY COME UP WITH TOPIC FOR NOW. I will pay more for the actual assignment. just topic now.

Link that takes you to some example IAs:

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